Clemens Winkler / Experiencing Matter

Clemens Winkler´s work explores how traditional, high-tech and speculative materials can be used to create new human experiences. Even if many of the works have a strong component in experimental science and technology, they also involve cultural meanings, new sensations and exploratory participations. Originally from Germany, he has just finished his MA in Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art, London, where he worked on altering and manipulating ordinary substances to spark questions about plausible futures. Some of the recent transforming materials are radiating sugar-powder, mutating glycerin-jelly mixtures, hypnotizing carbon fiber coatings and invisible plastics.

Prior finishing his MA in Design Interactions, he has worked at the Fluid Interfaces Group, MIT Media Labs, Boston, he was a research associate at the research platform Building Art Invention at the University of Kassel. Before that, he has studied in New Media Design, UdK Berlin and Industrial Design (MA Hons), Halle, Germany.

Clemens´ work has been shown in different exhibitions like, Aedes Gallery, Berlin or Shedhalle, Zürich, presented at conferences like Ambience2011, CHI2013 (Video Showcase) and published in various journals and books. He has a strong interest in multidisciplinary gatherings to experiment, research, teach and inspire on how science and different technologies shape the way we deal with reality.

Studio: Geroldstrasse 31/33
CH-8005 Zurich