• 03/07/2018 Laboratory of Narrative Materials @ KISDtalks Series
  • 27-31/08/2018 »Fictional Materals« & Materials as Experiments – participatory exhibition format with julia wolf, weissensee academy of art berlin, Lilo Viehweg, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, and Franziska, Müller-Reissmann, materialarchiv.ch
  • 25-27/10/2018 »Per-Forming Clouds: Metaphor Automata« at Digitaltag Switzerland, Zurich
  • 07/11/2018 Show Launch »Farming the Uncanny Valley« research project with UdK Berlin at State Festival Studio Opening, Berlin
  • 15/11/2018 Talk »Laboratory of Narrative Materials« at Discours de la methode, Design & Future Making, FH Pforzheim, Germany
  • 16-17/11/2018 »Per-Forming Clouds – materielle Dynamiken und Kommunikationsmodelle« at DGTF conference «Matters of Communication»
  • 21-22/03/2019 »Welcome to the Cloud Factory« at Bauhaus100 - School FUNDAMENTAL at Bauhaus Dessau
  • 01-03/04/2019 »Extraterrestrial Materials« Workshop with Joseph Popper at Academy of Arts Dresden, Planetenfestival Dresden














Studio Clemens Winkler – ora et labora et lege

Exploring the dynamics and entrance points into material ecologies and plausible futures, the Laboratory of Narrative Materials investigates in resonances between aesthetic experiences and literacy development.
These resonances include synthesized materials, which might have conditions connecting to human actions and cognitive processes, likely to find in sparkling, fluid, fragile, volatile or amorphous thresholds. Further, these material transitions have their potential in being sculpted in a co-creational process into atmospheric agents, gelatinous neuronal-like structures or crystallized energy storages.

Designing experience-based languages aim to provide an aesthetic impetus on research methods especially in multidisciplinary gatherings. As a result of this, materials are transformed from functional placeholders into performative actors re-narrating and mediating the real and fiction. In a resulting alchemical theatre for playing, learning and sharing, a certain vibrancy is changing the scope from the known into the uncanny and vice versa.


At the moment, besides running the Laboratory for Narrative Materials, Clemens is a lecturer and research associate at the University of the Arts Zurich (CH) mainly on responsive materials in the Enactive Environments Research Group and teaching in the Interaction Design Department as well as guest lecturer at Central Saint Martins´ Material Futures programme in London. Prior, he has studied at the HKD Halle, UdK Berlin, MIT Media Labs, Boston and graduated in Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art, London.

Studio address: Geroldstrasse 31/32, CH-8004 Zurich


Digital Workspace on Instagram Flickr

Selected Exhibitions/ Publications/ Talks/ Awards:
2018 "Laboratory of Narrative Materials" at KISDTalks lecture series, Cologne, Germany
2018 "Per-Forming Clouds – In Search for the Perfect Cloud" at Design Museum Denmark
2017 "Materials as Mediators" article in "Exploring Transitions" publication

2017 "Normal Accidents" exhibition at ZHdK, Zurich

2017 Talk and exhibiting "Mutable Drugs" at Smart Materials Satellites, Bauhaus Dessau

2017 "Terranautic Instruments" at Black Mountain College Show, Zurich
2016 "Per-Forming Clouds – Nebula" at Strauhof Museum of Literature, Zurich

2015 "State of Matter Workshop" at Transmediale, Designtransfer, Berlin
2013 "Enactive Environments Research Projects" at OCT Loft, Hong Kong
2013 Material Design for Disaster Playground, V&A London

2013 "Fictional Materials" Show at DAAD Exhibition, London
2013 ‘MetaSolid’ Paper Showcase, CHI 13 conference, Paris
2012 "Fictional Materials" Talk at UCLA Los Angeles
2012 ‘Unter Strom’ in Interactions magazine, ACM Press, New York
2011 "Unter Strom" paper presentation and exhibit at Ambience´11 (ACM), Boras, Sweden
2011 "Unter Strom" exhibition at Shedhalle, Zurich
2010 "Membranes, Surfaces, Boundaries", curation with Aedes, Berlin and MPI Science History, Berlin
2009 "Hear the grass growing" at Pixelache, Helsinki
2006 "Haptic Explorer" presentation at Braun Frankfurt & P&G Tokyo

Selected Seminars/ Symposia/ Workshops:
2018 "Per-Forming Clouds" Workshop at weissensee school of art and design, Berlin
2017 "Techno Catastrophes" Workshop at University of the Underground, Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam
2017 "Vague Space" at Jung von Matt, Hamburg and Weserburg, Bremen

2017 "State of Matter Workshop" at Alchemist Kitchen, Kulturforum Berlin
2017 "It´s all just air" Micro Symposium on Air Phenomena with ZHdK/ ZHAW/ ETH, Zurich
2017 "Political Clouds" Seminar at Angewandte Vienna
2017 "Per-Forming Clouds" Workshop at Master Design Class, Zurich
2016 "Wunderkammer of Arising Matter" Research Workshop at ZHdK, Zurich
2016 "Exotic Matter" Workshop at Design Research Labs, Berlin

2016 "Exotic Matter" Workshop and Micro Symposium at Takram London

2013 "Material Aktiv Denken" Workshop at ZHdK, Zurich