• 03/07/2018 Laboratory of Narrative Materials @ KISDtalks Series
  • 27-31/08/2018 »Fictional Materals« & Materials as Experiments – participatory exhibition format with julia wolf, weissensee academy of art berlin, Lilo Viehweg, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, and Franziska, Müller-Reissmann, materialarchiv.ch
  • 25-27/10/2018 »Per-Forming Clouds: Metaphor Automata« at Digitaltag Switzerland, Zurich
  • 07/11/2018 Show Launch »Farming the Uncanny Valley« research project with UdK Berlin at State Festival Studio Opening, Berlin
  • 15/11/2018 Talk »Laboratory of Narrative Materials« at Discours de la methode, Design & Future Making, FH Pforzheim, Germany
  • 16-17/11/2018 »Per-Forming Clouds – materielle Dynamiken und Kommunikationsmodelle« at DGTF conference «Matters of Communication»
  • 21-22/03/2019 »Welcome to the Cloud Factory« at Bauhaus100 - School FUNDAMENTAL at Bauhaus Dessau
  • 01-03/04/2019 »Extraterrestrial Materials« Workshop with Joseph Popper at Academy of Arts Dresden, Planetenfestival Dresden